31st Jan LSA outdoors is cancelled
7th Feb 2019 Netball is on
11th Feb TBC - update 2.00pm

Outdoor Netball Leagues at LSA in Leyland to restart 29th March/12th April 2021 (TBC)

  • FREE REGISTRATION BEFORE 26TH MARCH/4th April 2021 (£55 league deposit -deducted from last game with £40 refunded)
  • Still just £25 per game which is £15 to LSA and £10 to umpire
  • 1 hour games always
  • FIVE Dedicated Netball Courts on one site -NO confusing MUGA lines!
  • Recently refurbished specialist coloured sports tarmac, no loose gravel here
  • Galvanized/coated socketed netball posts installed during Lockdown
  • Brand new LED floodlights on all five courts installed during Lockdown
  • Free entry and a free court fee for the last game of the upcoming season for each team that is awarded most sportsman like, and the same for most improved team in each leaguee
  • 1st Place £100, second place £50 (Trophies and prizes and medals for juniors)